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Screenshot of 'Subaru Loves Pets' Commercial

Subaru Loves Pets Just as Much as You Do

Did you know that Subaru loves pets just as much as you do? As a matter of fact, Barkbox and Subaru teamed up to give shelter animals better lives and more opportunities of being adopted. Want to learn more? Keep on reading and check the check out the included video! Spoiler alert: it’s adorable. While you’re at it, check out our new Subaru inventory, too! Read the rest of this entry >>

view of Chevy Call Me Out app with text that says, "Hey man, it's not worth it. Put your phone down."

Chevy Creates App to Urge Drivers to Put Their Phones Down

Chevy’s App to Stop Texting While Driving 

Texting while driving is a big problem. Even if you aren’t doing it, the truth is that many of the drivers around you are, or are at least using their phones in some way while driving. In fact, based on a study by Research Now, 90% of people can admit to driving while using their phone. So, to help fix the problem, Chevy is releasing a new app called Call Me Out, in the hopes that it can curb texting while driving or other phone usage while behind the wheel. 

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school zone speed limit sign with 20 mph speed limit

Understanding School Zones

When Does a School Zone Start and End? 

School is back in session, and for those of us who drive through school zones during our daily commute to work, it’s important to be aware of and understand one particular type of sign on the road: the school zone sign. Though the purpose of this sign is simple in theory (slow down when children are present), school zones still raise a lot of unanswered questions for drivers, like the following: 

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dog sticking his head out of a car window

Safety Should Be Top Priority When Traveling With Pets, and Sometimes, It’s Even a Legal Matter

Is It Illegal to Drive With Your Dog in New Jersey? 

With summer on the horizon, more and more drivers will be looking to drive around with the windows down and their furry friend hanging its head out the window. Whether you’re taking the dog to the beach or for a casual Sunday drive, riding with a dog in the car can present some safety difficulties. As much as you may want to bring Fido along, you should take some precautions and know exactly where the dog should sit in the car to keep the dog and yourself as safe as possible. 

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