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Keyless Entry Allows You to Keep Your Chevy Key Fob In Your Pocket and Unlock the Door Without a Key

How to Open Your Chevy Without the Key Fob Using Keyless Entry 

Remember back in the day when you had to actually use a key to unlock your car? It’s been quite some time since vehicles required a key to be unlocked, as these days, they pretty much all use a key fob button. Hitting that button makes it easy to unlock a vehicle, but how much easier would it be if you didn’t even have to dig the key fob out of your purse or pocket at all? That’s what Chevy’s Keyless Entry system allows you to do, and we’ll explain how it work and how you can open your Chevy without needing to use the key fob. 

Now, in order for this to work, you’ll still need the key fob on you, so just keep it in your purse or pocket and you should be good to go.  

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How to Use Chevy Keyless Entry and Remote Start 

To start, with the key fob on you, locate the button on one of the door handles of your Chevy vehicle. For security purposes, one touch of that button on the door handle just unlocks that door. If you press the button a second time, the rest of the doors will be unlocked. 

You should also then notice that your vehicle has push button start, which is just as simple to use. Leave your key fob in your pockets and press the ignition button located to the right of the steering wheel to turn the vehicle on. 

Now, one thing you may want to actually use the key fob for is remote starting your vehicle. Imagine it’s the middle of winter, your car was left outside in the driveway and you’re dreading the drive to work in a cold vehicle. Thankfully, all you need to do is be within distance for the key fob to reach your vehicle (197 ft), hit the lock button and then hold the start button. You’ll need to hold that button for about 4 seconds, but if you’re in sight of the vehicle, you’ll also see the taillights and daytime running lights illuminate to indicate that the vehicle has turned on. 

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As you can see, it’s super easy to unlock your Chevy using Keyless Entry, with no need for a key or the key fob. To learn more about your Chevy vehicle, be sure to check back to the Burke Motor Group blog.