beige and blue vw beetle final editions

Does They Still Make the VW Bug?

Is Volkswagen Getting Rid of the Beetle? 

The Volkswagen Beetle has been around for a really, really long time. Originally known as the Type 1, production on the car began in 1938 and has continued throughout the decades in some form or another until this very day, all the while retaining its unique heritage and design. Drivers often ask if VW is still making the Beetle, and the answer has always been “yes.” But even the biggest VW Beetle fans must have known that the day could come when this iconic model could become a relic of the past. 

Unfortunately, that day is here, as Volkswagen has decided it is getting rid of the Beetle, ending one of the most successful model runs in automotive history. But before you get sullen just yet, if you’ve always wanted to own a VW Bettle for yourself, there is still time, and the Beetle Final Edition is your opportunity. 

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seats in the VW Beetle final editionWhat Comes With the 2019 VW Beetle Final Edition 

The Beetle Final Edition is just that… it is the last model year of Beetle production. But Volkswagen isn’t letting the iconic car go out without a bang, as two unique models will be joining the 2019 lineup, named the Final Edition SE and Final Edition SEL. The models will be available in coupe or convertible form, but otherwise will come with equipment that can be found only exclusively on these models. 

This includes two unique colors named Safari Uni and Stonewashed Blue (most recently seen on the 2016 Beetle Denim model). Chrome accents abound on the exterior of the coupe models, and inside, you can enjoy the warmth and wind from a sunroof. Keyless entry comes standard with push button start, and elsewhere inside the vehicle, there is a Safari Uni color dashpad. The seats help to complete this look with a cloth/leatherette material in a rhombus pattern on the Final Edition SE and diamond-stitched leather on the SEL. Last but not least, the Final Edition SEL also has Bi-Xenon headlights with LEDs for the daytime running lights and taillights. 

This may be your best/last chance to own a piece of Volkswagen and automotive heritage, so if you’re interested, get in touch with us at Burke Volkswagen.