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What is Driven To Action #DTA?

#DTA is a "Safe Driver" Program designed by Burke Motor Group, to help young drivers stay safe by providing them with incentives to do so, through discounts at local stores and more.

Our Safe Driver Program is part of our greater "Driven to Action" initiative that aims to make our local community stronger and working towards a brighter tomorrow.

So how does #DTA Work? Simple:

Take the Pledge
Make a plan to drive safely using the tips we have provided to you here on our website. Once you take the pledge, you can come to Burke Motor Group and pick up your ID card, which will get you dozens of discounts around town.

Set Your Goals
Take the Pledge, and then strive to keep your card by maintaining all the expectations. The Police will take your card away if you're pulled over for a moving violation!

Stay Safe and Help Others
#DTA before you drive. It lets others know you're driving. Then, when they see your post and ask you about it, you can encourage others to take the pledge and drive safely too (and take advantage of the discounts!).