Decades of Dedication at our Dealership in NJ  

With over 100 years of providing better service, better care, and better pricing, our Chevy, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Subaru, and Volkswagen dealership in NJ has become a go-to for residents and vacationers alike. Beyond offering an extensive new and pre-owned inventory, Burke makes a commitment to Jersey Shore drivers by understanding their needs and guaranteeing their satisfaction. 

The Making of a Thriving Auto Dealer at the Jersey Shore

Our story began in 1912, when Raymond M. Burke, Sr. launched the first gas station in Wildwood. After serving as a foreman on the Delaware River and returning home from World War I, he obtained a Chevrolet franchise and went on to sell Oldsmobile cars until a fire destroyed his facility. His son, Raymond M. Burke, Jr., also had a career in the automotive industry and opened an Oldsmobile dealership in Wildwood in 1946. Soon after, he obtained a Cadillac and Chevrolet franchise. Years later, Raymond M. Burke III, David A. Burke, Kathryn Burke-Sellers, and other Burke family members evolved the business into what is now Burke Motor Group. 

A Century of Commitment to Cape May County

With a solid history of exceptional customer care at the Jersey Shore and countless positive reviews from customers, the Burke family is proud to continue delivering comprehensive automotive care in South Jersey. In addition to providing over a century of automotive excellence, Burke enjoys contributing to charitable causes throughout the community, creating and participating in projects throughout the year.  


The History of Burke Motor Group

Over a Century of Commitment to Cape May County  


  • Raymond Burke Sr. Opens First Gas Station on the Wildwood Island
  • Obtains Indian Motorcycles, Argo Cars, Dodge Cars & Trucks, Republic Trucks and Mitchell Motor Car Franchises


  • Raymond Burke Sr. Obtains Chevrolet Franchise
  • Builds New Service Station and Showroom Facility in Cape May Court House


  • Raymond Burke Sr. Obtains Oldsmobile Franchise


  • Raymond Burke Jr. Opens his own Oldsmobile Franchise in Wildwood upon Return from Naval Service after WWII


  • Raymond Burke Jr. Obtains Cadillac Franchise


  • Raymond Burke Jr. Obtains Chevrolet Franchise


  • Raymond Burke Jr. Builds New Facility at 5100 Park Boulevard in Wildwood, which he Operated out of until 1987


  • Fire Destroys Raymond Burke Sr.’s Cape May Court House Facility
  • Raymond Burke Sr. Retires


  • Raymond Burke III Joins the Business


  • David Burke Joins the Business


  • Kathryn Burke-Sellers Joins the Business


  • Kathryn Burke-Sellers and Husband Steve Sellers Buy Volkswagen Dealership in Clermont and Operate as Burke-Sellers, Inc., and Obtain Subaru and GMC Truck Franchises within 7 years of Operation


  • Raymond Burke III and David Burke Relocate and Split GM Franchises into Two Buildings at Present Location in Cape May Court House, and Operate as Ray Burke Chevrolet, Inc. and Dave Burke Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Inc.


  • Raymond Burke III and David Burke Obtain Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep and Eagle Franchises
  • Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Cadillac Franchises Merge into Burke Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Inc.
  • Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep and Eagle Franchises Merge to form Burke Brothers, Inc.


  • Burke-Sellers, Inc. Merges with Burke-Brothers, Inc. to Form Chrysler, Jeep, VW and Subaru Facility


  • The Burkes Purchase Pontiac and Buick Franchises from Scrivani in Wildwood, Move Franchises to Cape May Court House Facility with other GM Lines


  • Burke Motor Group Celebrates 100th Anniversary
  • GM Building Renovated


  • Doug Burke, 4th Generation and Son of David Burke, Joins the Business


  • Subaru and VW Building Renovated


  • Pre-owned Building Renovated